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Kold One

Style: Kölsch | ABV: 4.16

Our award winning take on a classic Kölsch, that quenches the thirst with a crisp Noble hop finish. Pilsner base malt accentuated by Vienna malt, this is not your Dad's lawnmower beer!

Hops: Classic German Noble

Notes: Drying, Malty, Mouth-Coating, Pear

IBU: 19

Clarity: Crystal Clear

Birthday: September 30th 2013

Awards: 2016 TAP NY Hudson Valley Bronze - Light Lager

Dry Hopping: A technique we use to pack flavors and aromas into our beers. In essence, we steep these hops in finished beer so they don’t add bitterness. Look for the Mosaic hop to shine in PK.

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